Honored Fan, Mark Bernstein

Mark BernsteinMark Bernstein first joined the Stilyagi Air Corps in 1973, and worked on the A2 Relax-Icon in 1974 and ConFusion 13, the first ConFusion, in 1975.  He's not positive, but he thinks he's been to every ConFusion.  Mark has run art shows at Conclave and worked on them at Worldcons, has worked on several ConFusions and Conclaves, and ran the music track at the last three ConFusions.  At this writing, he's part of the bid trying to bring the NASFiC to Detroit in 2014. These days, he's mostly active in filk, as a performer, writer, and listener.  He also works at various conventions as a member of the Dorsai Irregulars.  Mundanely, like so many fen, he spends his days arguing with computers.