Artist Guest of Honor, Rich Morris

Rich Morris is a Canadian animator, illustrator and webcomic artist, who sprang like Athena fully-formed from the wilds of Montreal's West Island. He attended Sheridan College for Classical Animation, and since then has worked in a variety of Canadian animation studios across three provinces. His filmography includes character and prop design for "Arthur," "Mona the Vampire," "Animal Crackers" and "Caillou," among others, concept art for film productions, and storyboards for shows including "Lunar Jim," "Animal Mechanicals," "Pirates: Adventures in Art!," "Bo on the Go" and Jim Henson's "Doozers." As of this writing, his next project is the upcoming "Inspector Gadget" reboot. He has illustrated game products for Dream Pod 9, and the online game "Gates of Camelot." 

Rich has been an avid gamer since the days when we had to walk 3 miles uphill through the snow to buy crayons to color in our dice, and he has brought that experience to the realm of webcomicing with his popular daily strip "Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic." ( He maintains Rich's Comixblog ( as a repository for regular miniseries, including the Doctor Who fan-favorite "The 10 Doctors." 

He lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with his wife, two children, and not nearly enough free time.